About Us

In January 2006, Captain (ret’d) Trevor Greene deployed to Afghanistan with the First Battalion, PPCLI, on Operation Archer, Canada’s first combat mission in Kandahar. As a Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) officer, Trevor’s mission was to liaise with village elders through meetings, or shuras, to determine their infrastructure needs with regard to housing, clean water and education.

On March 4th, 2006, while Trevor conducted a shura in the remote village of Shinkay, a young man pulled a crude, homemade axe from beneath his robes and swung it into Trevor’s skull, burying it 2 centimetres into his brain. The blow severed Trevor’s entire motor cortex, leaving him unable to control any part of his body. We were told Trevor would never come out of his coma.

He did come out of the coma and has over time regained use of his voice, upper body and now is regaining motor control over his legs through the use of a walking machine. We continue to devote most of our time to helping Trevor reach his ultimate goal of walking.

Our story is about the life, love, and recovery from this devastating injury. We hope you will enjoy it, and, perhaps, gain inspiration to carry on with your own mission.

Debbie & Trevor Greene