Peace Warrior

On December 13, 2008, CTV aired “Peace Warrior“, a documentary about the attack on Trevor and his recovery. Written and produced by Sue Ridout of Dreamfilm Productions, filming commenced in June 2007 and continued until September 2008.

In late 2010, an update to the documentary aired on W5, called “The Power of Love” and, in March 2012: “Love Conquers all for Wounded Soldier“.

The original Peace Warrior documentary won a Gemini award for Best Documentary in 2009, Best Biography Documentary at the Yorkton Film Festival, a CINE Golden Eagle Award, and was a finalist at both the Gabriel Awards and the Freddie Awards in the U.S.

An orthopedic surgeon in Victoria, Dr. J. Norgrove Penny, a member of the Order of Canada, saw the CTV broadcast and offered to perform surgery on Trevor’s feet to enable him to stand again, which another surgeon had recommended against.

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