Research into brain function and repair is just taking off.

The axe sunk 2 cm into Trevor’s skull, severing his motor cortex. Trevor was flown to Kandahar hospital and then to Landstuhl Germany. The surgeons initially didn‘t think there was much they could do, but seeing that he had survived the flight, they performed a cranioplasty to give him a fighting chance at life, unsure what quality of life he would have.

Trevor went through two operations to rebuild his skull and spent 13 months in hospital, improving gradually through the levels of the Glasgow coma scale to full consciousness.

We are currently involved in a study to track the repair and rewiring of Trevor’s brain with researchers Dr. Ryan D’Arcy and Dr. Stephen Lindsay. You can read more about it here.

Our goal it create new thinking and new hope for people suffering from injuries to the brain.

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