About March Forth

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how did March Forth begin?

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “girl, you missed your calling.” I’m not sure I’d be rich or anything but it would’ve added up! I knew what they meant, they were saying I was really good at something that I wasn’t “qualified” for. Or too bad I didn’t take training in university to do what I just did. So, what is it that I missed? Or did I? I don’t feel like I missed anything, in fact, March Forth is a way to make sure I didn’t. I’m called to help so I’m going to try.

What exactly is March Forth?

March Forth is a free support service, offering:

  • A MASH Unit for the soul (birthed from an encounter with God)
  • Cellular Flushing
  • Inner Healing and Deliverance/Spiritual Massage
  • Mentoring and Destiny Mapping
  • Life Support/Coaching
  • Specializing in Addiction Support for families of those suffering
  • Wholeness Coaching (with emphasis on deep inner issues)
  • Visionary Therapy and Ascension
  • Prophetic Counselling, Dream Interpretation (using the Ancient Hebraic Method)

Why and how is it free?

“As you have freely received, freely give.” For as long as I am able to do it for free, I will. If I find one day, that there is enough need to do this full time, I’d have to re-evaluate whether I can continue doing it for free, or if maybe a “by donation” option might be something to consider. But for now, it’s just my absolute pleasure to help at no cost to you.

What does a session look like, what do people talk about?

Every session/call is so different from the next. Some people just want a little encouragement and someone to listen objectively so they can sort out their thoughts and feelings. Some want help developing a plan to improve their lives. Others, want deep inner healing of deep wounds from Trauma, Rejection, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health support. These sessions are never to replace good sound Medical, Professional and/or Psychological Advice or guidance, they are for support and to be another resource. Sometimes people just need someone to listen without fear of judgement.