Schedule Virtual Session

Sessions are virtual through Zoom, but in-person sessions are available if in the same geographical area. All sessions are free.

You will receive an email with a couple available dates/times for you to choose whichever works best for you.

The length of sessions are variable depending on the needs, but are limited to 2 hours, and follow up sessions can be scheduled if needed.

Once a session is scheduled, you will receive an email with a Zoom Invitation. At the time of your session, you will simply click the link, to join. A password will be provided in the email as well, and will be needed to enter our session. You will not be required to install or download any program or software to your computer, phone or tablet.

Be sure your device has a working camera and microphone, all sessions will require you to be on-screen so I can see and hear you.

The information shared during a session is kept confidential. No information, including your name will ever be shared without your knowledge and most importantly, your consent.