Dream Interpretation

How to submit a dream for interpretation:

  • Keep it simple; don’t provide information that doesn’t really stand out, for example – if you were wearing a blue shirt but it has nothing to do with the dream, it can be left out. But if the blue shirt stood out include it.
  • Don’t give too much history unless it really matters, for example – if in the dream you are at your childhood home, include that, but you don’t have to tell me the years you lived there and where it was and those types of details.
  • If the dream caused you to have an emotional reaction, include that. For example – if you were riding a roller coaster and were feeling excited tell me, if you were riding a roller coaster and were terrified tell me.
  • If I need any other information after reading your dream, I will ask in a follow up email prior to providing the interpretation.

Send your dream